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For Clients

You can always tell a Caspian One candidate. They look great on paper and even better in person. They tick all the right boxes (including a few you didn’t know you had) and they’d be a great fit for the team. The whole interview feels effortless.

None of that happens by accident.

It happens because we recruit using Broadcast, Media and Entertainment Technology specialists with a real understanding of the industry. Our team has the technical understanding and professional networks to sniff out complex skillsets that match perfectly to exciting opportunities.

It happens because we take a consultative approach with our candidates. Whether they’re a razor-sharp Solutions Architect or a seasoned Global Sales Director looking for a new challenge, we commit to finding roles that drive careers forward.

It happens because we work just as hard to gain the trust of our candidates as we do our clients. We take the stress and uncertainty out of job-hunting, so that by the time they get to you, the hard work is done. They’re fired up to nail the interview for a job they’re passionate about.

Because the truth is, there aren’t that many bad candidates out there, only bad placements; and we don’t make those.