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Where can tech professionals cowork in London?

As the fashion for flexible, remote working continues to gain momentum, today’s big businesses are rapidly being drawn to the coworking movement... more

Top tips for overcoming broadcast technology skill shortages

The battle between skill requirements and the number of capable individuals available to meet those needs, has always existed. In many ways this balance... more

Caspian One Welcomes, Ralph Barrett

Our broadcast family keeps getting bigger - introducing Ralph Barrett, the latest addition to Caspian One. Ralph has transitioned to recruitment from... more

Quick Guide: Dealing with employee conflicts

When you put a large collection of personalities in one office, the reality is that at some time or another, conflicts will arise. How you handle these... more

5 Problem solving interview questions for technologists

Back in the earlier days of the internet, heavyweights like Google and Facebook adored using brain teasers within their interview processes. The belief... more

How to | Control nervous energy during interviews

It’s eleven forty-five, you’re stood outside looking up at the building where your career’s future could be decided in 15 minute’s... more

Can we not just advertise jobs ourselves?

Let’s face it, recruitment is easy right?  Put a job out, relevant people apply, you handpick the best, conduct interviews, choose your favourite,... more

5 best practices for Skype interviews

Cloud communication is on the rise. As the digital landscape continues to make the world we live on smaller, so does it increase the opportunity to engage... more

Contracting vs Permanent - Who has it better?

This truly is a question for the ages. Is life sweeter for independent contractors with higher earning potential and an increased work-life flexibility;... more

How to | Prepare for interview presentations

For some they are a necessary evil, for others they are an exciting opportunity to showcase skills and abilities; either way if you’re interviewing... more
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