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Broadcast Sales Recruiters - Success Led Growth

As short statements go, these three words work perfectly when describing the development of our broadcast sales recruiters at Caspian One.
In this article, we’ll be delving into the background of the team - looking at their history and successes, their plans ahead and finally, why people choose to partner with them.
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What’s been happening?
Historically, Caspian One’s growth has been predominantly organic. Established relationships with UK and European clients built on repeat successes and earnt trust, have provided an ever increasing supply of sales vacancies; resulting in us accurately connecting clients and sales professionals across the globe.
In the last few years alone, Caspian One sales recruiters have placed sales professionals throughout the UK, as-well-as in Russia, France, Germany, the US, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In some cases we’ve also supported the creation of entire sales teams for broadcast equipment manufacturers and technology suppliers.
Successes of recent years have also put our sales recruiters at risk of becoming purely reactive in their approach - and with growing market demand for skilled sales individuals, we had to change direction.
What changes have been made?
In 2018, our approach is dominantly proactive - how does this look?
First, our sales recruiters have refined their European focus; targeting countries including Germany and Holland, as part of a larger Euro growth initiative.
Additionally, Director Lee Barnett has delegated new responsibilities to Principal Consultant Nicky Marcelin-Horne - who is now joined by sales recruiter, Ralph Barrett.
Joining Caspian One in August, Ralph initially has been recruiting technical candidates with broadcast-IT skills, developing his understanding of the broadcast industry, the culture and its technologies before now progressing to sales recruiter in 2018.
Caspian One already have a strong track record in placing sales professionals in the media and entertainment industry. Including Ralph in the mix only enhances their effectiveness - enabling an even more comprehensive approach, improved availability and the opportunity to spend more time within the community, throughout Europe.
Why people work with us?
Every recruitment company generally says the same things in answer to this question - “we’re specialists”, “we’re professional”, “we’re experts”, “we’re knowledgeable”, “we’re trusted”, and so on. In reality, there is little that differentiates most recruiters - and much of what is presented as a unique selling point, really, should be an expected standard practice. No business professional would say they’re not knowledgeable or specialist in their chosen field.
We are of course, all of the above - so if there’s few or no differentiators, why do people come to Caspian One?
Companies and candidates like working with us - a fact that has helped establish a positive reputation for Caspian One in the Broadcast industry. In a recent client survey, we asked clients to explain their view on our values, providing the reply;
“You listen to client’s challenges and business objectives. This process says to me that you want to better understand or learn about your potential customers needs as it becomes more challenging to hire the right people”
“Trust, Integrity and Strong Communication are key - you have all 3 in abundance”
Alongside this, Nicky, Ralph and Lee have a thorough, detailed and in-depth search approach that’s uncommon among their peers; much more akin to a search practice than a recruitment consultant. This attention to detail goes beyond simply understanding a client's initial brief or candidates CV - enabling the development of long term partnerships over quick wins.

Caspian One’s sales recruiters Nicky and Ralph, along with Director Lee Barnett will all be attending this year’s BVE expo, between February 27th and March 1st, at the ExCeL London.
If you’re attending and would like to learn more about our broadcast sales recruiters and what they can achieve for your company or career, call us on +44 (0) 1202 979 700 or click the banner to select your preferred consultant.

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